Gordyville USA is the premier horse show arena in the Midwest. Boasting some of the largest breed shows in all of the Central United States, Gordyville can easily adapt to the different needs of all horse shows. It is a heated facility which can hold over 700 portable stalls and has two indoor arenas, an indoor make-up arena and an outside arena. Gordyville is home to NBHA, NRHA, POA, AQHA, NCHA, Miniature, Arabian, APHA, Appaloosa,and Palomino shows. We can adapt our ground and facility to meet your needs. We have also hosted many nationally know clinicians. Contact Mary Hannagan to rent the facility. email-hannagan@gordyvilleusa.com


Turkey Run 4 AQHA Shows, November 28-30, 2014


2014 Showmanship and Western Pleasure Shootout Qualifiers held in Conjunction with the 2014 PreGold July Circuit. July 17-20, 2014

Judges, Jill Gomes Newcomb, Curtis Reynolds, Dave Fairchild, Larry Little, Ryan Kail and Kelly Smith.

2014 Showmanship Quaifiers click HERE


2014 Western Pleasure Qualifiers click HERE


2013 Gordyville USA Shootout Rules

1. A one time qualification for the finals by winning 1st place in the novice youth, novice amateur, youth 13 & under, 14-18, Select, or Amateur Showmanship and corresponding western pleasure classes at the qualifying Gordyville shows. November-the first set of July shows. If the 1st place exhibitor in on of these classes has already qualified for the finals then the 2nd place in the class wil qualify.

2. Finals will be held July 18-21, 2013 at the Gordyville Pre Gold shows, 4 AQHA Shows and NSBA Classic futurity. See qualifiers on side tab labeled Gordyville shootout.

3. $1000 purse in each class paying to 10th place. Great awards thru 10th place.